5W Gathering in Italy, 29th August to 7th September 2022

Tuscany and Lazio (Maremma and Etruscan Unesco sites –  Saturnia Spa – Renaissence Viterbo) organized by Monica Lesi and Paola Lovisotto.

Commemorating 5W Founder, Frances Alexander

on International Women’s Day 2022

Members, family and friends attended a tree planting ceremony in High Wycombe, followed by an exhibition of portraits – all dedicated to Frances.


Frances’ daughter, Louise, planting the tree with High Wycombe Mayor, Andrea Baughan

A speech from Sue Coventry, Co-Chair of the 5W Board of Trustees

Trustees, Hazel Burnham and Sue Coventry with Emma and Caroline from the 5W Office

This sculpture of Frances normally presides over the 5W Office, but was borrowed for the exhibition at the Arts Centre,

Celebrating 35 Years of Friendship and Travel Around the World.

5W members responded to the challenge to enjoy a year of celebrations!   Commemorative Newsletter

Honorary Members

Recognising three of our very special members!  As a thank you for the work they have put into 5W over the years, Honorary Memberships have been awarded to Jean in Scotland, Ria in Belgium and Coral in Australia.  Congratulations to them.

Wildflower Gathering in Perth, Australia September 2019

A 7 day bus tour visiting Western Australia’s spectacular outback wildflowers, the Pinnacles at Cervantes, Kalbarri National Park and beaches, and Monkey Mia to visit the dolphins.

Sea to Sky Gathering, Vancouver/Whistler, Canada
17-28 July 2019

It is really interesting to see people criss crossing the globe to come here and including stops to visit family and friends enroute. We have guests, currently visiting in New York and LA before travelling here and others who have arrived in Canada but are travelling to the Rockies, Vancouver Island or Haida Gwaii before the Gathering begins.  Many members across BC and Alberta are hosting members before and after the Gathering and several guests are re-connecting with 5W members they have met before.
Showcasing our corner of the world!  5W Gathering Organiser

5W Gathering in Geelong, Australia

5W members went on a tram ride afternoon tea along the shore of the lake in Ballarat.

The exciting programme of events includes touring around Geelong and the Bellarine Penninsula, travelling to historic Ballarat to visit a wildlife park and the goldfields outdoor museum, Sovereign Hill. Then attending one of Australia’s biggest multi-cultural festivals, the Pako Festa, travelling down the Great Ocean Road and attending a Sound and Light Show at Flagstaff Hill, Warrnambool’s maritime museum and much, much more!

Mekong Musings!

5W Gathering in Laos, February 2019

“Eating fried river weed whilst watching the sunset over the Mekong river with a great group of women were just some of today’s delights. I so love 5W”.  Hazel, UK



The Laos 5W gathering group volunteered at Pakseng Learning Centre, run by Laos Solidarity and gave the kids there a wonderful and unique morning of crafts and English Games

5W Gathering in the Blue Mountains, Australia.

A group of local 5W women welcomed 19 excited 5W visitors to a ‘Gathering’ at our Blue Mountains at Katoomba, starting with a ‘pot luck’ dinner. Women Welcome Women World Wide is a great organisation!

Buzzing around in Manchester!

On Thursday 26 July, a 5W group met in Manchester for the Bee Festival.  It was magical to see some of the wonderful bee sculptures, done by up to 50 artists and another 100 done by children from most of the local schools.
First we had an informative talk by one of the women who worked on the idea from its concept a few years ago, next a talk about the Manchester Art Gallery where we met up and then a walk around part of the Bee Trail to see a few of the many beautiful pieces of artwork, accompanied by a guide from the Manchester Tourist office.
Too much to see in one visit, do go if you are near enough or failing that check out the website

Fur Rondy Festival, Alaska!

5W members from across the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia and South Africa are meeting up today to enjoy a winter experience at the Festival.  Mushing with champion women mushers, the Eskimo blanket toss, winter carnival and much more.  Look out for photos and news over the coming week!

Let the fun begin!

Members from Germany, Ireland, Australia, Finland, USA, Russia, Canada and the UK meeting up for the latest Gathering taking place in Beverley, UK.  They will be exploring arts & culture on offer as part of the Hull UK City of Culture 2017.  A visit to the Hull Freedom Festival and an opportunity to explore beautiful and interesting areas of England that are not on the main tourist trail.

5W on Safari!

Members enjoying an amazing tour of Kenya, saying hello from their safari camp. And 5W would-be Masai on a cold morning on safari.

Travelling Solo through Australia with 5W!

A UK member recently returned from an amazing first time trip to Australia.  Although travelling on her own, she stayed with 21 of our wonderful members along the way – which is what 5W is all about!  She says “The Red Centre, the North, South, East and West edges of the vast continent of Australia, plus Tasmania!  She says  – I saw them all on my recent fantastic 5 month trip. Many of my hostesses shared my interest in art, the environment and family history.  Through them I learned so much about Australia – history, geography, Aboriginal art and culture and flora and fauna. A special thank you also to the many 5W husbands and other family members for their kindness and hospitality. This was my first time in Australia and I could not have done it without 5W.  I am so grateful to all those members who helped to make an exciting trip into a truly memorable one.”

A group of 5W members were recently on a wonderful London gathering.  Having an amazing and interesting week. Here are a few photos to share with you …

5W Membership brings your travel dreams to life!

Two intrepid Australian members recently returned home after 3 wonderful months travelling around Europe, meeting up and staying with local members along the way.  As one said, ” in the words of Arnie, I will be back”.  Meeting wonderful 5W women who were happy to show them the sights not normally experienced by tourists, added to the adventure.


5W Experiences!

Spending time in Rome with a local member, being taken to some lovely secret places that foreign tourist don’t generally know about. That’s what 5W is all about, local knowledge and friendly women getting together.

Moving on to visit other members in Transylvania!  My 5W host in Gilau, a small village in Transylvania, braids my hair and dresses me up in one of her heritage National costumes

5W International Gathering in France!

Five 5W members were guests of honour at Tours Town Hall in the Loire Valley.  The Director of International Relations welcomed us all and gave each woman a gift from the Mayor’s Office.  Then the Guild of ‘Veritable Nougat de Tours’ invited Debbie from South Africa and Angela from Germany to become honorary Guild members and to spread the Guild’s principle of friendship and sharing – much like 5W.  We finished the evening with a photo in front of a statue of Marianne, the national symbol of France, then toasted each other with champagne.

5W member, Morgan, gave a heartfelt speech of thanks, which is translated here in English –

“We are very honoured to be here with you today.  We thank the people that we have met in Tours and Touraine for the warmth and friendship they have shown us.  We, the women of 5W, travel to improve relationships between people, in whatever modest way we can.
Despite the terrible floods you have suffered and, of course, the strikes, your beautiful region has enchanted us with your pretty villages, splendid chateaux, lively and picturesque markets and your delicious cuisine.  Our visit to Chateau Valmer was an unforgettable experience.  When we return hone, we will look at our gardens in a new way.  We have learned much about your famous women: Anne of Brittany at Longais, Diane de Poitiers and Catherine de Medicis at Chenonceau.  At Loches, of course, Agnes Sorel and your national heroine, Jean d’Arc.
Many thanks to the community of La Grande Bretèche for their hospitality and to everyone who contributed to our marvellous memories of this visit to Touraine.  It has been too brief.  We will return with our families and friends.  Thank you very much.”

A delightful afternoon was spent with gentle goats, who give their milk for the famous St Maure de Touraine cylindrical goats’ cheese.  Finishing in the village of Chedigny, where the mayor planted 600 roses ten years ago.

5W Meets Snow Monkeys in Japan!

Follow the link to hear all about the amazing Japanese Gathering

Making beautiful 5W memories in Japan!

The amazing trip to Western Japan with over forty 5W members from seven countries was an awesome experience!

Himeji castle
with cherry blossoms

The World Heritage
Itsukushima shrine

A beautiful memory
with beautiful people

Origami class at the hotel

Previous 5W Adventures

Cowboys & Cajuns!

5W members recently enjoyed an exciting gathering in San Antonio, USA.  Treated as honoured guests in the small town of Blanco, enjoying a Chuck Wagon lunch with cowboys entertaining them with tales of their lives as cowboys and actors. They attended the San Antonio Rodeo, where our Australian members cheered loudly for the Aussie competitor!  More fun followed at Lafayette, cheering floats and bands at Mardi Gras, covered in ‘bling’.  So much laughter, so many experiences, all shared with 5W friends!

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Friendship & Travel – with 5W life can be an adventure!